Welcome to my website!

Giovanni Marradi - Poeme

Relaxing & Romantic, this is a place of recreation, romance and relaxation, a tiny sanctuary created to relax your mind.

Making videos is my passion and I hope that you will feel comfortable and that you will have blissful moments watching my video creations. This is the best way to express myself. I love to combine my passion for nature and the easy listening, romantic and soft music for those who are seeking a calm and relaxing mood. Through my videos, I want to share with you my favorite music and how it makes me feel.

As the good host that I intend to be, I will say a few words about me, to let you, my dear guests, to know me better. My name is, as you probably guessed, Andreea Petcu. I live in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Since my childhood I have been taught to be a good person, to love people, to bring joy to the ones around me, to appreciate the nature and its beauties, to respect everyone, to see the things with my heart and to feed my soul with simple and profound things.

I love to lay the colors of my soul on my creations and to bring joy and smiling faces to the people, through my work.

This website is a result of my collaborations with a lot of musicians and extraordinary artists, such as Giovanni Marradi, Omar Akram, Stamatis Spanoudakis, Bernward Koch, Michel Pepe, Ernesto Cortazar, Ryan Farish, Frederic Delarue, Marc Enfroy, Philip Wesley, Eldar Mansurov, Chad Lawson, John Sokoloff and more others.

My precious treasure is the miracle of being and transmitting joy, hope and smiles to the ones around you. I let the magic flow towards you.

If you are interested to work with me, I’m an open gate to any type of collaboration with any musician.
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